How to Save Money on Accommodation While Traveling

How to Save Money on Accommodation

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Traveling can cost a lot, especially your place to stay. But, there are smart ways to cut down on hotel expenses. This means you’ll have more cash to enjoy your trip.

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Hotels charge more when it’s the busy season. To save, travel when it’s not as popular. This could mean big discounts on your stay.

Staying further from top attractions can be cheaper. Look for places about three blocks away. You’ll save and still be close to fun things to see.

Booking straight with a hotel might give you a better deal. You could get a cheaper rate and avoid some online booking fees. Don’t forget to look for that best rate guarantee.

Joining a hotel loyalty program can pay off. You might get points for a free night or special perks. Also, consider a credit card that gives hotel benefits.

Using cash-back sites can save you even more money. They give you money back on what you spend, on top of any other rewards. It’s an easy tactic to save extra bucks.

Some hotels offer nice extras like free meals or drinks. Look into places like Embassy Suites or Staybridge Suites for these benefits. They can make your stay cheaper.

Try new ways to stay, like Airbnb or home swaps. They can be a fun and cheap alternative. Plus, they offer a different kind of travel experience.

Planning well means you can stay in budget places without missing out on quality. Use these tips to keep more cash for fun activities on your trip.

Adjust Your Travel Timing to Save Money on Hotels

One great way to save on hotels is by picking your travel time wisely. Planning your trips for the off-season means lower prices. With fewer people looking for rooms, you’re more likely to find great deals.

Off-season travel isn’t just about saving money. The benefits include deals like free breakfast and lower local tour prices. This makes your vacation even better for your wallet.

To find the best off-season for your trip, do some digging. Look at the weather and local events. For beach getaways, the winter might offer the best rates. Meanwhile, skiing is cheaper without snow, in the summer.

By traveling off-season, you not only spend less on hotels but also get to enjoy your trip more. Budget-friendly options mean you can spend that saved money on other fun things. Plus, you’ll get to explore without the big crowds.

It’s crucial to plan ahead and book early for the best off-season deals. Keep an eye out for hotel discounts and other offers. This can make a big difference in your travel budget.

Benefits of Adjusting Your Travel Timing:

  • Lower hotel rates during the offseason
  • Additional perks and discounts offered by hotels
  • Avoidance of large crowds and a more relaxed travel experience
  • Opportunity to explore destinations during less busy seasons

Changing when you travel can cut your hotel costs significantly. Off-season trips bring cheaper rates and special perks. This way, you save money while making lasting memories.

So, keep timing in mind for your next adventure. With the right planning, you can get the best hotel prices. Enjoy your travels without overspending.

Key Statistics Insights
Loyalty program membership offers discounts on hotel stays when booking through the program’s channels, helping travelers save money. Consider signing up for hotel loyalty programs to access exclusive discounts and benefits.
Best rate guarantees from hotels ensure the lowest rates when booking directly with the hotel, saving travelers cash. Always check for best rate guarantees and book directly with hotels to secure the lowest rates.
Hotel-affiliated credit cards can provide substantial savings through bonus points, elite status perks, and other benefits. Explore hotel-affiliated credit cards to maximize savings on hotel stays.
Some hotels offer free breakfast, evening happy hours, and other benefits, contributing to cost savings for guests. Look for hotels that offer complimentary breakfast and other perks to save on dining expenses.
Booking through cash-back portals can earn travelers bonus points, especially valuable for pricier rooms or longer stays. Utilize cash-back portals to earn extra rewards and savings on hotel bookings.
Prepaid room rates can significantly reduce the cost of a hotel stay but are nonrefundable, emphasizing the tradeoff between savings and flexibility. Consider the tradeoff between savings and flexibility when opting for prepaid room rates.
Hotels may offer discounts for direct bookings, especially for group bookings or extended stays, potentially saving guests money. Reach out to hotels directly for possible discounts on group bookings or extended stays.
Online travel agencies like Hotel Tonight and Priceline provide low-cost options for travelers not focused on loyalty programs or elite status perks, helping save money on hotel stays. Explore online travel agencies for affordable hotel options, especially if you’re not focused on loyalty programs.
Hotels see a decrease in demand towards the end of the week, with Friday and Saturday being the best days to book due to decreasing prices. Consider booking hotels on Fridays or Saturdays to take advantage of decreasing prices.
Deals for hotel bookings generally start to happen within two weeks of the trip. Keep an eye out for deals and promotions within two weeks of your trip.
Booking last minute can often lead to more savings as hotels may slash prices to fill remaining rooms. Consider booking last minute for potential savings, but be prepared for limited room availability.
Hotels may lower prices at the last minute if they still have rooms to sell for the dates of stay. Check for last-minute price drops if you’re flexible with your travel dates.
High demand and low supply of hotel rooms lead to increased prices, especially during holidays and large events. Avoid traveling during peak seasons and holidays to avoid inflated hotel prices.
Flexible travel dates can help find better deals on hotel rooms with lower occupancy. If possible, be flexible with your travel dates to take advantage of better hotel deals.
Booking directly through the hotel may provide the best prices and additional perks like upgrades and late check-outs. Consider booking directly with hotels for potential discounts, upgrades, and additional perks.

Choose Accommodations Further Away from Tourist Attractions

Want to save money on where you stay? One good way is to pick a hotel that’s not right by the popular sights. Even though staying close seems easy, it’s usually more expensive. If you go just three blocks away from the busy spots, you’ll save a lot.

Hotels near famous places cost more because they’re in a great spot. By choosing somewhere close but not too close, you’ll spend less money. This won’t mean you get less nice or convenient places. You might also find cool spots in the not-so-touristy areas, giving you a real taste of the place.

Think about how you’ll get around before you book a room further out. Yes, you’ll save on where you stay, but getting to the sights might add up. If you can use buses, trains, or rideshares easily, it’s not a big deal. This can make your trip both simple and cheaper.

Worried about transportation costs piling up? You’ve got other choices. Some places will take you to the sights for free. Or you can rent a bike, or just walk if the area is friendly for it. This way, you’ll see the place while keeping your spending down.

Picking a place away from the main sights can cut your hotel bill. You might find some real treasures in the nearby community. Try to see different areas and really experience the local life. With a bit of looking ahead, you can find a good deal on a place to stay that fits your budget and is nice.

The Benefits of Staying Further Away from Tourist Attractions

Finding space away from the tourist spots can save money and offer other cool perks. Let’s look at the upsides:

  • Staying further away often means lower hotel costs. This can help you make your travel cash go further.
  • Places not swarming with tourists tend to be quieter. You’ll get more peace and sleep better.
  • Taking a step off the beaten path lets you discover local treasures. This includes meeting people and experiencing local life.
  • It’s a chance to explore new parts of the city or town. You might find special places to eat, shop, or just chill out.

Getting a good deal on where you stay is just one part of saving on your trip. Think about other ways to cut costs, like traveling when it’s not so busy or joining hotel reward programs. With a bit of planning and being open to different options, you can enjoy a trip that’s light on the wallet but rich in experiences.

Book Directly with Hotels for Better Rates

Booking directly with a hotel’s reservation desk can often mean better prices. You might also get extras that you won’t find when booking through other websites.

Hotel staff can share the latest deals and discounts with you. They often have special offers that are only for direct bookings. This could make your stay more affordable.

There are added bonuses for guests who book directly, like free breakfast or upgraded rooms. So, not only do you save money, but you might get extra goodies too.

Benefits of Booking Directly with Hotels Examples
Access to exclusive deals and discounts loyalty program discounts
Onsite benefits and perks Free breakfast at Marriott hotels
Avoidance of hidden fees No resort fees when booking directly

Best Practices for Booking Directly with Hotels

  • Check online rates first to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Stay flexible with dates to grab any special offers or lower prices.
  • Sign up for hotel loyalty programs to get more discounts and rewards.

Booking direct not only saves you money but also opens up exclusive benefits. Enjoy a more customized experience and better value during your hotel stays.

Take Advantage of Hotel Loyalty Programs

Signing up for a hotel loyalty program is smart. It helps you save on your stays. These programs give you many benefits. They make your trips better and help save money.

One benefit is earning points for free nights. Stay at certain hotels to collect these points. Then, use them for future stays, saving money. This is great for people who often stay at the same brand or chain of hotels.

Loyalty programs also give special status to frequent guests. With this status, you can get room upgrades and enjoy late check-outs. Some let you check in early or give access to special areas. These are extra perks that make your stay nicer without added cost.

Members can get discounts and special offers too. By booking directly, sometimes you can get rates not available elsewhere. This includes rates for military, government employees, seniors, or AAA members. It all adds up to big savings.

Let’s see what popular programs offer:

Hotel Loyalty Program Number of Brands and Properties Key Benefits/Perks
Marriott Bonvoy Over 30 brands and nearly 8,700 properties – Fifth-night-free benefit for reward nights bookings- Ability to transfer points to 40 airline partners
Hilton Honors Over 7,400 hotels in 124 countries – Fifth consecutive award night free for Hilton Silver elite status guests
World of Hyatt Over 1,200 hotels in over 70 countries – Relatively cheaper award rates compared to other hotel chains- World of Hyatt Credit Card offers up to 30,000 bonus points
Wyndham Rewards Over 9,000 hotels across 24 brands – Budget-friendly options, ideal for small-town stays

Hotel loyalty programs offer more than just free nights. They give benefits like fifth-night-free, airline point transfers, and bonus points with credit cards. These extra benefits help you save more and get the most from your loyalty.

In short, joining a hotel loyalty program is a great money-saving idea. You earn points, get special status, and find discounts and perks. These programs are a win-win for your travel and your wallet. Don’t miss out on the chance to start saving!

Use Hotel-Affiliated Credit Cards for Savings

If traveling often, consider using hotel-affiliated credit cards to save on stays. They provide bonus points and elite status perks. These can make your time at hotels better without breaking the bank.

Earn Bonus Points and Rewards

Booking hotels with a certain credit card earns you bonus points. You can use these for free nights or upgrades. The more you swipe, the more you save on where you stay.

Enjoy Elite Status Perks

Hotel credit cards also get you elite status benefits. You might enjoy free breakfast or late checkouts. These perks save you money on things you’d usually pay for.

Hotel Credit Card Elite Status Benefit
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card Top-tier Diamond status in Hilton’s loyalty program
Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card Platinum Elite status in the Marriott Bonvoy program

The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card gives you Diamond status. This means top-notch benefits like better rooms and lounge access. The Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card offers Platinum Elite. You get nice room upgrades and can check out late.

Maximize Your Savings

Use these cards and other tips, like booking directly or best rate guarantees, to save. They help you earn more points and get special benefits. This makes your hotel money go further.

By smartly using hotel credit cards, you can save money and get great rewards. They’re perfect for both work trips and vacations. They let you enjoy hotels more while keeping to your budget.

Take Advantage of Best Rate Guarantees

Booking a hotel means aiming for the best deal. Luckily, many hotels offer best rate guarantees. This means they promise you won’t find a lower price. It not only brings peace of mind but also extra rewards. Let’s see how you can save by booking directly with hotels.

How Best Rate Guarantees Work

These guarantees work to get you the best price. They will match or beat a lower rate found elsewhere. If you find a better rate after booking, you can ask the hotel to match it. They may even give you gifts or discounts for your trouble.

Booking directly also means skipping online travel agency fees. This can save you money, too.

Examples of Best Rate Guarantee Offers

Check out how these hotel companies stand by their best rate guarantees:

Hotel Company Best Rate Guarantee Offer
Choice Hotels $50 Reward Card for U.S. guests
First night free for international guests
Fairmont Hotels Discounts lower rate by 10%
Hilton Hotels & Resorts Additional 25% off the room rate for each night of the stay
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Discounts lower rate by 20% for the entire stay
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) First night’s room price free
Matches lower average nightly room price for the rest of the stay
Marriott Hotels & The Ritz-Carlton Discounts lower rate by 25%
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Gives guests 3,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points
Agoda Matches or beats lower rate
Expedia Refunds price difference and provides a $50 coupon Refunds difference as a coupon or a refund
Orbitz Refunds difference and offers bonus Orbucks for future travel
Priceline Refunds difference for standard bookings
Refunds 200% of the difference for Express Deal bookings
Marriott Choice of a further 25% discount or 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points

Choose any hotel company, but remember to follow their best rate guarantee rules. You must book directly and follow their claim procedures carefully. There is a specific timeframe for filing a claim, too.

Booking direct doesn’t just save money, but also unlocks special perks. When planning a trip, book directly. This way, your travel budget will stretch further thanks to these guarantees.

Best Rate Guarantees

Use Cash-Back Portals for Hotel Bookings

Cash-back portals are great for saving money on hotels. Websites like Rakuten, ibotta, and TopCashBack let you earn money back. Just start your booking through their site to get cash back. This is on top of any points or rewards from hotels or credit cards you might get.

With these portals, you can save twice as much. For example, if you book with a portal and use a special credit card, you’ll earn the card’s rewards and get cash back too.

Remember, cash back and eligible hotels differ by portal. Spend a moment looking at different portals to find the best cash back before booking.

Using cash-back portals is easy and can save you a lot. It’s a discount on a discount! So, always check these portals when you’re getting ready for a trip.

Earn Extra Savings with Cash-Back Portals

Here are some benefits of using cash-back portals for hotels:

  • Double up on savings: By earning cash back in addition to the rewards from hotel loyalty programs and credit cards, you can maximize your savings.
  • Wide range of options: Cash-back portals offer a variety of hotels to choose from, so you can find the perfect accommodations for your trip.
  • Easy to use: Cash-back portals are easy to use. Just log in, find your hotel, and book through the portal.
  • No additional costs: It’s free to use a cash-back portal. You won’t pay more for booking this way.
  • Regular promotions: Cash-back portals often have special deals, giving you a chance to earn more cash back or other bonuses.

Why not use cash-back portals and save on hotels? It’s a simple way to stretch your travel budget further.

Take Advantage of Onsite Benefits and Perks

When picking a hotel for your next trip, look at the onsite benefits. These extras make your stay better and could save you money. Here are some key benefits to consider:

1. Free Breakfast

Starting your day with a tasty breakfast is a mood booster. Hotels like Embassy Suites and Staybridge Suites give free cooked-to-order breakfast. This perk means you can start your day without spending on food.

2. Access to Amenities

Hotels with gyms, pools, and spas add value to your stay. You won’t need a gym membership or pay for spa visits. Either work out at the hotel gym or relax by the pool after sightseeing.

3. Evening Happy Hours

At some places, there are evening happy hours with free drinks and snacks. It’s a chance to relax and meet other guests. This is an affordable way to enjoy a break before dinner.

4. Cultural Immersion

Staying at homestays or family guesthouses lets you experience local culture. You’ll meet your hosts and learn about their life. It’s a unique way to dive deeper into your stay.

Make your trip better by using these benefits. You’ll save on meal costs, enjoy onsite activities, and explore local culture. These steps make your journey more memorable and friendly on your pocket.

Statistics Insights
20% of employees globally plan to leave their current job by 2022 due to the lack of employee benefits. Providing onsite benefits and perks can help companies retain employees and reduce turnover rates.
57% of senior leaders assign a higher priority to care benefits to support employees, a change driven by the pandemic. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of caring for employees’ well-being, including onsite perks.
78% of employees are more likely to stay with an employer due to their benefits program. Offering onsite benefits can improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Consider Budget or Backpacker Accommodations

When you’re traveling on a budget, consider budget or backpacker accommodations. They are not only affordable but also add to your travel experience. You save money and enjoy more on your trip.

One big advantage of these places is their cost. In countries like India, staying in these spots can be just $3 a night. You get to enjoy your trip without spending too much.

In some places, you can get a double room for just $6. This is because these spots sometimes have more rooms available than travelers. So, you can even bargain.

But wait, the savings continue. On Little Andaman island, you might find a bamboo hut for as low as $1.56 a night. If you travel with a friend, that’s just $0.78 for each of you.

During the off-peak season, prices drop even more. This is because there are fewer people looking for rooms. You can get a cozy bamboo hut for just $1.56.

In addition to saving money, these places are great for meeting new people. In hostels, you can stay in a dorm with others. This lets you meet travelers from all over the world.

If you prefer privacy, private rooms are also available. They might cost a bit more but can be very affordable. In some cases, private rooms are priced the same as dorms.

There are also some downsides to budget lodging. You might not get a window in your room, or you could have to share a bathroom. But, this is a small price to pay for the savings.

Look out for special deals to save even more. Websites like give discounts to their Genius members. This can save you up to 30% on your booking.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a homestay. You stay in someone’s home and they may serve you meals. It’s a great way to learn about local life and traditions.

Choosing budget or backpacker accommodations is a smart way to travel. You save money, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. With this choice, you can get the best out of your trip.

budget accommodations

Advantages of Budget Accommodations
Opportunity for socializing and cultural immersion
Potential for off-peak season travel
Ability to secure spacious and comfortable rooms at low prices
Special offers and discounts available


There are many ways to save on travel stays. One good way is to book right with hotels. They often offer the best prices, plus extras. Also, you can earn points for future stays.

Compare prices with sites like Expedia,, and more. This lets you snag the best deals. It’s worth checking each site for the lowest price.

Don’t forget about hotel loyalty programs. They can give you free nights and upgrades. Always look for deals, like those for theme parks, off-season stays, or nearby hotels.

Other tricks include using discount codes and cash back sites. Staying in condos or rentals can save big, too. Always ask for freebies and try to bargain. This can cut down your costs.

Remember, looking early helps a lot. Always check different options. This could be hostels, B&Bs, or renting a home. With the right plan, you can make your money go further.

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