How to Replace a Cracked Smartphone Screen

How to Replace a Cracked Screen

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Many of us have had the trouble of a cracked smartphone screen. It could be a small chip or a big spiderweb-like crack. It’s annoying, but luckily, you have options to fix it. We’ll show you how to do it yourself, which can save you time and money.

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Smartphone screens are mostly glass, which can easily crack. Even with Gorilla Glass, they can still break. But there are ways to deal with a cracked screen. You might use a warranty, go to your phone company, or visit a repair shop. You can also trade in for a new phone or fix it on your own.

Fixing your own phone screen can be done online, but be careful. You need to think about your skills, how safe your workspace is, and if you’ll lose your warranty. Also, pros have tools to keep your phone water-resistant after fixing the screen.

Things like toothpaste, an eraser, or nail polish don’t really work on a cracked screen. They might even make things worse. It’s best to stay away from these and choose a solid repair method.

Repair costs depend on how old your phone is and its brand. Newer phones are usually more expensive to fix. Plus, if your phone has other big issues, it might cost more to get it all fixed.

It’s always best to prevent phone accidents. Using a case and a screen protector will keep your phone safe. They protect your phone from breaking or getting scratched.

Thinking about phone insurance from Asurion might ease your mind. It covers many common problems like a cracked screen, water damage, and losing your phone. With phone insurance, you won’t worry as much about accidents.

Now, let’s look at how to actually replace a cracked screen step by step. Whether you do it yourself or get help from a pro, we’ll guide you through the process.

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Why Do Screens Break So Easily?

Smartphone screens are amazing, offering clear visuals and quick responses when we touch them. However, they can easily break. To know why screens are so fragile, we need to look at the choices made during their design and how they handle impacts.

When a phone falls, the screen feels a strong force. This force creates tension inside the screen, especially at the hit point. Such stress can cause the screen to crack. Experiments show that even weak forces on the glass can make it shatter.

Big companies like Apple and Samsung are always working to make screens tougher. They use stronger glass that can take more hits. They also add zinc to the metal frames of phones for better protection. This helps keep the screen safer.

The Physics Behind Screen Shattering

Explaining why screens break involves a look at physics. As the glass hits the ground, it stores energy. This energy turns into surface energy, which can make the screen crack or break.

The wish for thin phones with borderless screens makes them more breakable. This beautiful design comes with a cost. It means there’s less material protecting the screen. So, the phone’s look also makes it easier to damage.

The Consequences of a Broken Screen

Broken screens can be a minor scratch or a big missing piece of glass. It’s important to act quickly no matter the damage. This stops more problems from happening.

Your phone might work with a cracked screen. But it’s best to save your data right away. Bad damage could stop your phone from working. Now, you have more places to get your phone fixed thanks to the right-to-repair movement. You can fix it yourself, go to a local shop, or send it to the manufacturer.

Getting your phone’s screen replaced can be pricey, especially for the latest models. Trying to do it yourself could save money but has risks. It might cancel the warranty and it might not work well without the right skills and tools.

If fixing it yourself sounds hard, many places can help. Apple Stores, Best Buy, and UBreakIFix offer good services for broken screens. They are experts and use the right tools, increasing the chance for a successful repair.

To keep your phone safe from screen damage, it helps to understand why screens break. Knowing about the risks and the ways to fix your phone can help you make smart choices.

What to Do Right Away

Finding a crack on your phone’s screen is tough. But it’s key to check how bad it really is. See if the screen is loose or still works. Often, screens work fine even with cracks.

Is the damage making your phone hard to use? Quickly back up your data. This keeps your files and contacts safe. Always backup on a drive or in the cloud.

You have options to fix the cracked screen. iFixit gives detailed repair guides and the tools you need. Or, go to a repair shop you trust. Apple and UBreakiFix also fix screens.

If the screen works, you can use some simple fixes. Try putting packing tape on it to protect it. Or, use a screen protector to stop the crack from getting worse. Yet, these are just quick fixes. You should still think about professional repair.

Option No. 1: Apply Packing Tape

Looking for a quick fix to safeguard your cracked smartphone screen? Using packing tape is easy and works for a short while. It creates a barrier that shields your screen from more harm. Here are the steps:

  1. Carefully clean the screen to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Cut a piece of packing tape that is slightly larger than the size of the crack.
  3. Align the tape properly over the crack to cover it completely.
  4. Smooth out any air bubbles or creases in the tape.
  5. Trim any excess tape with an X-Acto knife for a neat finish.

This technique joins the cracks, stopping them from expanding further. It lowers the threat of getting cut by glass pieces, which is good. But, remember, packing tape is just a quick fix. It might make the screen less sensitive to touch. For a permanent repair, it’s best to consult a professional.

Option No. 2: Use a Screen Protector

Using a screen protector is great for keeping your cracked screen safe. It’s like a shield that stops more cracks and scratches. This thin layer takes the hit instead of your phone’s screen.

To make sure it works well, you need to put it on right. First, clean your screen well. Next, line up the protector carefully. Press out any bubbles or gaps with a card. This way, your screen’s shield can handle daily damage.

One top choice in screen protectors is OMOTON’s 9H Tempered Glass. It’s tough, making it great against breaking and scratches. Plus, it’s clear and smooth, keeping your phone looking new.

Aesthetics Matter

More than just defense, a screen protector can make your phone look better. Broken protectors are an eyesore. But, a good one keeps your phone sleek and shows off your style.

When you choose a strong, stylish protector, it’s a win-win. You get to protect your phone and make it look nicer. There are lots of protectors out there. You can find one that fits your style and keeps your phone safe.

Option No. 3: Replace the Screen Yourself

Are you good with fixing things? Do you like working with gadgets? Then, DIY phone screen replacement might be right for you. But, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First off, you must have tech know-how and the right tools. Make sure to check the replacement screen cost and get all needed tools first.

DIY screen replacement help is available from places like iFixit. They give you clear iFixit guides to follow. These guides make it easier for newbies. You’ll get tips on how to take your phone apart, replace parts, and put it back together right.

However, doing it yourself might end your phone’s warranty. And, success isn’t always a sure thing. If keeping your warranty or your phone’s value is top concern, a pro repair might be best. Big companies like Best Buy, Apple Stores, and UBreakIFix can help with professional repair services.

Be aware that fixing your phone screen by yourself has risks. If you’re not confident, getting expert help is smart.

Option No. 4: Call in a Pro

If fixing your phone’s screen seems too hard, or you’re too busy, calling a pro is smart. There are many places you can go to get your screen fixed right.

Go to a shop that’s an expert in fixing screens is one good choice. Certified technicians work in these places. They know how to fix screens well. They also have the tools needed for the job. So, your phone is safe with them.

Manufacturers like Apple and Samsung offer special programs too. You can mail your phone to their centers for fixing. This way, you’re sure it’s done by the best, with real parts.

Maybe you’d rather talk to someone in person. Then, you should visit an official service center. These centers can be found in big cities. They offer top-notch repairs for all phone brands. They use real parts, ensuring quality work.

It’s important to choose the right place, no matter where you go. Make sure they’re well-liked and trusted. Do your research and consider what others say about them. This way, you’re more likely to have a positive experience with your phone’s repair.

professional screen repair

Should You Repair It Yourself or Seek Professional Help?

When your phone screen is cracked, you must decide. Repair it on your own or get a professional? Think about your skills, if parts are easy to find, and the repair costs.

Fixing your phone yourself saves money. DIY kits and parts cost less than pro repairs. But, be careful. If you’re not skilled, you might make things worse.

Don’t forget about the warranty. DIY jobs could cancel your warranty. This might mean more costs if the repair fails. Pros, however, usually guarantee their work, easing such worries.

Technicians can spot hidden problems and use top-notch parts. This means your phone might last longer after the fix. Services in SW Calgary are known for being quick, letting you get back to using your phone fast.

Choosing to DIY or get help depends on you. If you’re confident and checking your wallet, doing it yourself might work. But for complex issues or warranty peace, a pro is the safe bet.

Tips for Preventing Cracked Screens

First, buy a high-quality phone case that protects your device well. It should cover the edges and have a screen lip for safety. Consider using a sturdy glass case with a screen protector. This choice can lessen screen damage by not applying direct pressure.

Also, put a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. Screen protectors give more defense against drops and scratches. Make sure to get one that fits your phone specifically to avoid gaps.

Think about getting phone insurance for accidents. Many manufacturers offer good plans that might match your needs. Compare several insurance coverage options and prices before you pick one.

Following these steps can lower the risk of getting a cracked screen. It saves you from the trouble and cost of having to fix it.

If your screen cracks, act quickly. Use a towel and a toothbrush to clean it safely. Then cover it with clear packing tape. This protects your fingers and stops the crack from getting worse. Remember to stick the tape down well and avoid any air bubbles.

Deciding how to fix a cracked screen is important. DIY repairs might void your warranty or lessen the phone’s water resistance. Professional service can be more pricey, but it’s safer and keeps your warranty intact. Prices for repairs vary and can be influenced by your device’s model and condition. Look into whether your warranty covers the damage, or if your carrier or local shops offer repair services.

Don’t forget to protect your phone with a case, screen protector, and insurance. These measures lead to less stress from potential accidents. With the right safety measures, you can use your phone carefree.

The Truth About DIY Fixes

Many try DIY fixes to save money when their screen cracks. But, it’s vital to know what’s real and what’s not. DIY methods, like using toothpaste, erasers, or nail polish, are often suggested. Yet, these methods can make things worse. They might even harm your device more.

It might seem that simple items can fix your cracked screen. Items like toothpaste may look like they could work wonders. But, toothpaste isn’t made to fix screens. It won’t strengthen or fix the cracks on your screen. It’s crucial to use methods that are proven. You should get help from experts if you’re not sure what to do.

toothpaste and screen cracks

Fixing a cracked screen isn’t simple. It needs special tools and knowledge. Online tips and tricks often lack the needed expertise. They might not be the best solution. Furthermore, trying to fix your screen yourself could void its warranty. It might even damage the device further. So, it’s risky.

Instead of trying DIY fixes, it’s better to just get professional help. Big companies like Apple, Best Buy, and UBreakIFix are great choices. They know exactly how to fix cracked screens. They have the right skills and tools for the job.

UBreakIFix, with 700+ locations, is a very handy solution. They offer screen repair services near you. Their techs are well-trained. They only use the right parts for repairs. They promise to make your screen work like new again.

Remember, fixing your cracked screen is super important. It’s about keeping your device safe and working well. Choosing professional repair will help not just your phone but also you. It will save you from worry. Plus, it reduces chances of more damage.


Dealing with a cracked smartphone screen can be really frustrating. But, there are ways to fix it. Start by checking the damage. Then, you can use clear tape or a screen protector to stop it from getting worse.

Feel confident fixing gadgets? Doing it yourself can be quicker and cheaper. Just follow a detailed guide and use good tools. A successful fix means your phone works well again and you save money.

But, think about the good and bad of fixing it yourself. Fixing it on your own could void your warranty. Plus, a pro’s repair often looks and works better than a DIY job.

To avoid more cracks, use protective cases and screen protectors. They lower your risk of damage. Also, always look up trusted guides when replacing your screen.

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