How to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Extend Phone’s Battery Life

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To make your smartphone’s battery last longer, tweak some settings first. Make your screen turn off quicker and lower its brightness. Set it to change brightness on its own and turn off sounds and vibrations. Cut back on heavy apps, activate adaptive battery, and delete unused accounts. Also, use a dark theme.

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It’s key to look after your battery. Always use your phone’s original power adapter. A different one could make charging slow. Keep your phone cool to prevent it from getting too hot. Overheating can cause your battery to drain quickly even when you’re not using your phone. Don’t worry about completely draining or fully charging your battery. Charge it when you need to, and it’s fine to do so a little at a time. It’s a good idea once in a while to let the battery go below 10% and then fully charge it overnight.

Putting your phone in battery saver or low power mode can extend its life. This mode turns the screen darker and stops apps from running in the background, saving more battery. Try not to do things that keep your screen active for long, like navigating, watching videos, or playing certain games. Using your camera a lot or playing intense games can also use up your battery quickly.

By turning off things like the mobile network, Bluetooth, and Location, you’ll save battery. It’s smart to turn them off if you’re not using them. Restart your phone and make sure everything’s updated to fix any lasting battery problems. A factory data reset is a last resort, but it might be needed if nothing else works. Just remember to back up important stuff first.

When charging, try to keep your phone between 40% and 80% for the best battery health. Some newer iPhones and most Samsung phones have special settings for this. It’s good to let the battery go from 0% to 100% once a month to keep it in good shape.

Some smartphones can last much longer with battery-saving features. Turning off GPS and making the screen less bright save a lot of battery. Turning off vibrations also helps. Every once in a while, shut down apps running in the background. Stay away from voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to save battery. These phones work best if they’re a little cool, not too hot or too cold.

Lastly, when you’re not using your phone, turning it off saves battery, especially if there’s no signal. A hot phone could mean a bad battery, which might need replacing. Apple says your iPhone battery should still be good for at least 500 charges. Dark mode on OLED screens saves the most battery at full brightness, cutting up to 47%. Keeping your battery over 20% and away from extreme temperatures also helps it last longer.

Using power-saving mode, updating your phone, and avoiding apps that use a lot of power help your battery a lot. Being careful with how you use your phone’s power can make a big difference.

Choose Settings That Use Less Battery

Adjusting your device settings is key to making your smartphone’s battery last longer. Make a few changes to reduce battery use. Your phone will stay powered for longer.

1. Turn on Dark Theme

Use dark mode on your phone to save battery. It’s especially effective on AMOLED or OLED screens. Dark pixels use less energy than bright colors.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

Turning down screen brightness saves power. Pick a level that’s easy on your eyes but not too bright. You can even let your phone adjust brightness based on the light around you.

3. Turn Off Keyboard Sounds or Vibrations

Stop keyboard sounds and vibrations to save battery. These small actions really add up. Without them, your phone’s battery will last longer.

4. Restrict Apps with High Battery Use

Some apps use a lot of battery by working in the background. Identify and limit these apps. This step can help you keep your phone running for longer.

5. Enable Adaptive Battery

For Android phones, consider using adaptive battery features. It uses AI to learn when you use apps most. This way, your battery is used more efficiently, giving you more power.

6. Use a Dark Theme

Using a dark wallpaper and avoiding live wallpapers also saves battery. Live wallpapers drain more power compared to dark wallpapers. Especially on AMOLED or OLED screens, these changes help a lot.

Taking these steps will help you get the most out of your phone’s battery. You’ll be able to use it longer between charges. These simple tweaks make a big difference in saving power.

Take Care of Your Battery

To make your smartphone’s battery last longer, looking after it is key. You need to take some steps to keep your battery healthy and work better.

Use the Power Adapter That Comes with Your Phone

It’s best to use the charger that your phone came with. Using other chargers might slow down charging or harm your battery. Stick with the original charger for the fastest and safest charge.

Avoid Overheating

Batteries drain faster and can get damaged from overheating. So, it’s smart to keep your phone cool. Don’t leave it in the sun, on hot places, or tight spots. If your phone feels too hot, let it cool down before using it again.

Charge as Needed

Forget what you knew about fully charging or draining your battery. Just charge your phone when you need to, no more, no less. It’s good to run it down to under 10% sometimes to reset, but avoid going to 0% or staying at 100%. Charging it fully overnight can also be good for it.

If you take good care of your battery and use these tips, it’ll last longer and work better. A strong battery means staying connected all day without power worries.

Stretch a Low Battery

When your phone’s battery is low, use battery saver or low power mode. Many Android phones have these modes built in. Look in the settings to turn them on.

Battery saver mode cuts back on background activity and uses a dark theme. It may also delay some features to save power. Turning on this mode helps your phone use less battery.

battery saver mode

Avoid Actions That Keep the Screen On

To save your smartphone’s battery, steer clear of actions that keep your screen lit up. This includes using navigation for long periods, watching videos, playing intense games, and always staying connected to the internet. If you cut down on screen time for these, your battery will last longer.

If you use navigation apps a lot, try using them only when you really need to. Don’t keep the map always on during your trip. Instead, look at directions when you have to, then turn off the screen. It’ll stop your battery from wasting away.

When watching videos or playing demanding games, keep the screen time short. If you’re not actively watching or gaming, let your phone sleep. Or, set the screen to go off after a brief time of not using it.

Keep an eye on how often you’re using the internet too, like through tethering or mobile hotspots. They help a lot but can also use up a lot of battery. When you’re not using the internet, turn off these features to save power.

Think about how much you’re using GPS, streaming media, or the camera. Using these features a lot drains your battery fast. Try to close any unused apps or turn off GPS when you don’t need it.

Location and connection settings can also suck up your battery. Use Wi-Fi over mobile data if you can. Turn off Bluetooth and limit app access to your location to save more power.

With just a few changes in how you use your phone, you can make your battery last longer. This means you’ll have more time between charges to enjoy your device.

Limit Connectivity & Location

One great way to make your phone’s battery last longer is by managing connectivity and location. Turning off unneeded services saves power. This trick helps your battery last all day.

When a mobile network isn’t critical, try Airplane mode or Wi-Fi over mobile data. This saves the energy used to maintain a network connection.

Don’t forget about Bluetooth. It uses power to find and connect to devices. Turning it off when not needed helps your battery.

Location services also drain a lot of battery. If an app doesn’t need your location, consider turning this function off. It will save power.

Sometimes, turning off location might make some apps act funny. So, check how essential location is for your apps before turning it off.

By managing connectivity and location services smartly, you can save a lot of battery. This means more time using your phone between charges.

Fix Battery Problems That Won’t Go Away

If your Android phone’s battery isn’t lasting as long, don’t worry. There are steps you can take to improve its life. By following these tips, you might notice a big change in how long your phone lasts.

Restart Your Phone

First, try restarting your phone. This helps fix small issues that may be draining your battery. By doing a restart, you refresh the system. This often clears up any issues causing the battery to drain quickly. To restart, hold the power button and follow the on-screen guide.

Check for Android and App Updates

It’s important to keep your phone’s operating system and apps updated. Updates can fix bugs and improve efficiency, helping with battery life. Checking for updates is easy. Just go to Settings > System Updates/About Phone > Check Updates. For apps, visit the Google Play Store to see if updates are available in My Apps & Games.

Perform a Factory Reset

If problems continue after trying the above steps, a factory reset could help. This step clears everything, so back up important data first. To do a reset, go to Settings > System > Reset. Remember, a factory reset should be a last option. It wipes all data except what’s backed up on your Google Account.

By trying these methods, you can deal with battery issues on your Android phone. It might take a mix of them to find what works for you. If the problem persists, a visit to a repair store, like uBreakiFix by Asurion, could offer a solution.

phone restart

Get Strategic with Battery Saver Mode

If your phone’s battery is low, using battery saver mode can really help. It makes your phone use less power so the battery lasts longer. It turns off some features, reduces activity in the background, and might switch to a dark theme.

This mode is great if you can’t charge your phone soon or if you need it for important things. It works for phones, tablets, and laptops. So, use it to make the most of your battery power.

Use Battery Optimizing Apps

Don’t have a built-in battery saver mode? No problem. You can find apps that do the same thing. These apps check which apps use a lot of power and help you use less power. Just look for “battery optimizer” apps in your app store.

There are free apps that are easy to use. They’re a good way to keep your battery going longer.

Make the Most of Battery Saver Mode

Sometimes, you might miss notifications or see fewer visual effects in battery saver mode. But this is how your battery lasts longer. It’s a fair trade to get more life out of your battery.

To turn on battery saver mode in most Android devices, go to settings then select “Battery.” For iOS devices, go to settings and choose “Battery.” There, you can switch on low power mode.

Don’t forget to do these to save more power:

  • Set the screen brightness to the lowest level that’s still easy to see.
  • Close any apps or tabs you’re not using to use less battery.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them to save power.
  • Update your device while it’s charging to use less energy.
  • Get fewer push notifications to save power and help your battery last longer.
  • Keep your operating system up to date to improve how your device uses power.

Use battery saver mode plus these tips to make your device’s battery last longer. Doing these things will help your phone stay charged when you really need it.

Adjust Screen and Sound Settings

For the best battery life, tweak your phone’s screen and sound settings. These changes help save power. They make sure your phone stays alive longer each day.

Set Screen Timeout

Want to cut down battery use? Set a shorter screen timeout. This makes your screen switch off after a time of no touch. Go to settings, then display, and lower the timeout.

Avoid Animated Screensavers

Animated screensavers are pretty but use a lot of power. Choose static images instead. Your battery will thank you.

Adjust Vibration Settings

Vibration is nice but can suck up your battery. Turn it off for apps that don’t need it. Less vibration means more battery life.

Optimize Ringtones

Keep your ringtones low to save battery. Loud ones drain more power when they play. Set them just high enough to hear.

Also, go silent when you don’t need it. Silent cuts off all sounds, saving even more battery.

Tweaking your phone’s screen and sound settings can do a lot. They can really help your battery last all day.


By using the tips shared here, you can make your phone’s battery last longer. Change settings like reducing brightness and using dark mode. Turn off background app refresh too.

Don’t overcharge your phone. Keep it from getting too hot. These steps can help your battery stay in good condition for a longer time.

It’s key to use your phone wisely. Avoid things that make the battery drain fast. This includes leaving the screen on a lot and using heavy apps too much.

Don’t fall for myths like closing apps to save power. This actually doesn’t help. Instead, focus on using your phone in ways that are kind to its battery.

Always look out for software updates. They often include features to help your battery last longer. Also, think about turning off Wi-Fi and GPS when you aren’t using them.

Using smart modes and browsing on Wi-Fi can also save power. These small actions can add up to a big improvement in your phone’s battery life.

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