Top 10 Eco-Friendly Products to Use at Home

Eco-Friendly Products

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Eco-consciousness is on the rise, leading many to look for better choices in household items. Options like reusable food bags and eco-friendly cleaning supplies make it easier to shrink your impact on the environment. “Eco-friendly cleaning products” are gaining popularity, with “eco-friendly laundry detergent” at the top in the US1. Surprisingly, even though most Americans like the idea, they struggle to spot true eco-friendly products2.

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We’ve put together a list of the top 10 eco-friendly products for your house. You’ll find everything from silicone bags to refillable deodorants. These choices let you be kinder to the planet without giving up convenience or quality. “Biodegradable soap” searches have more than, showing a clear trend towards environmentally-safe cleaning options1.

Best Plastic Baggie Replacement

Plastic bags have been a common item for years, affecting our planet in harmful ways. Only 9% of plastic trash is recycled3. It can take up to 20 years for plastic bags to break down, causing lasting harm4. So, it’s time to look for better choices. This is where Stasher comes in.

Stasher makes food bags from silicone that you can use again and again. These bags replace the need for single-use plastic. They come in many sizes and are easy to clean in the dishwasher5. You can also use them in the microwave and the freezer5. This means less plastic trash in the environment. Stasher proves its dedication to a clean planet by supporting environmental projects with over $1.3 million5.

Stasher is just one company offering better choices. Other brands like Khala and Bee’s Wrap offer similar, eco-friendly products. Their containers are made from silicone, organic cotton, beeswax, and even stainless steel. These options not only help the planet but also reduce the waste of 60 million plastic bottles daily3.

Choosing these reusable bags and containers can really help our planet3. By making this small change, we can cut down on plastic pollution. This effort adds up to a brighter, greener tomorrow for all453.

Best Sustainable Shampoo/Soap Combo

The Right to Shower Joy Shampoo Bar and Bar Soap are your eco-friendly solution. They are made with palm oil that is Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring it’s harvested ethically and sustainably6. The packaging is minimal and recycled, reducing waste and helping the environment.

They offer a great cleaning experience that’s gentle on hair and skin. You get a creamy lather that leaves you feeling refreshed and nourished. This is achieved without the use of harsh chemicals found in many traditional shampoos and soaps7. The shampoo bar lasts for up to 50 washes, saving you money and being eco-friendly6.

What’s even better? Buying these products helps a good cause. Part of the money supports creating mobile showers for people without homes. This makes your choice for personal care more than just about yourself6.

If you aim to cut down on plastic or prefer sustainable choices, try the Right to Shower Joy Shampoo Bar and Bar Soap. They stand out by being ethical, palm oil-free, and having eco-conscious packaging. It’s a significant step in eco-friendly personal care67.

Best Refillable Deodorant

In our search for ways to care for ourselves and the planet, the zero-waste deodorant market is standing out. Beautycounter’s The Clean Deo is a leading choice, offering a refillable personal care option that fights against single-use plastic. They ensure their mica mining ethics are ethical, too.

This deodorant is a GH Sustainability Award winner. It combines great design and thoughtful ingredients. It’s exactly what people who care about the Earth are looking for.

Dove and its parent company, Unilever, are making big moves in sustainable beauty. They aim to slash their new plastic use by half and have cut plastic in their refillable deodorants by over half8. Unilever has also used way less new plastic over the past ten years8.

The beauty industry often uses a lot of plastic. Sadly, 95 percent of this gets thrown away after one use9. But, eco-friendly brands are changing this by offering deodorants in refillable or compostable packaging.

For those really focused on zero waste, byHumankind provides a great option10. They have a reusable case and refills. This cuts waste by a whopping 90 percent compared to regular deodorants. Plus, their pricing and subscription make it easy to stay committed to sustainability.

zero-waste deodorant

The world of beauty is changing. With a push for sustainability, refillable products are becoming more popular. This change is making deodorant, and other basics, more ethical and green. Brands with a focus on the environment are leading the way to a brighter beauty future8910.

Eco-Friendly Products

More people want home essentials that are kind to the earth. This includes green cleaning and smart waste solutions. With so many eco-friendly products out there, it’s easy to choose a better way of living11.

The Grove Collaborative offers a Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. It’s in a glass bottle that you can reuse. You can also use Skoy Cleaning Cloths. These are great because they are not thrown away after one use12.

Try the Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Bag for storage. It cuts down on plastic waste. To handle food waste, get a Vitamix FoodCycler. It turns food scraps into good soil for your garden12.

There are many eco-friendly products for your home. Our choices matter a lot. By picking green options, we help our planet131112.

Best Sustainable Clothing Company

Patagonia is a top choice for those who care about the planet. They lead in using ethical fashion and sustainable materials. For example, their NetPlus designs use 100% recycled fishing nets from South America’s fishing villages14. This helps cut back on harmful fashion waste, while supporting local areas and encouraging recycling.

Patagonia Women’s Downdrift Jacket

The Patagonia Women’s Downdrift Jacket shows their strong focus on eco-friendly fashion. It’s made from entirely recycled materials. This jacket is not just stylish but also helps lessen the waste problem14. So, by choosing Patagonia, you’re making a good move for our planet.

Many other brands are also stepping up for sustainability. Companies like tentree and Pact are working hard to lower their carbon footprint. They aim to use more recycled materials14. This shift is vital for the clothing industry to be more earth-conscious.

Choosing green brands is key in making a difference. Look for labels that use recycled items and organic fabrics15. Wholesome Culture and Christy Dawn are wonderful examples. They focus on being kind to the earth in their designs.

When shopping for sustainable clothes, consider what matters most to you. It could be Patagonia with its focus on reusing materials. Or maybe brands known for their ethical standards, like KOTN and Eileen Fisher, are your go-to1416. Supporting these companies aligns your shopping with eco-aware and ethical values. Together, we shape a brighter future for fashion’s planet impact.

Best Sustainable Denim Program

In the world of sustainable fashion, secondhand fashion and pre-owned clothing are getting popular. They are seen as earth-friendly choices. Levi’s is a leader in making this happen with their Secondhand program17. This program lets people buy used Levi’s jeans and jackets that the brand has checked and okayed.

Buying from this program lets customers get Levi’s products at lower prices. It also means less waste than buying new. Experts in textiles say this is a good way to use less without giving up the quality of Levi’s denim18.

Many other sustainable denim brands are growing too. For example, Warp + Weft saves and reuses a lot of water. Buck Mason has been making more and more things in the US every year since 2014. And AGOLDE makes jeans only when they are ordered to reduce leftover fabric1719.

Outland Denim, Loup, Ética, Oliver Logan, and DL1961 are also at the forefront of sustainability in denim. They use a lot of innovative ideas. Like ethical workplaces, fair pay, recycled materials, and tech that saves water171819.

If you care about fashion and the planet, these secondhand and sustainable denim choices are great. They let you keep up with trends in a green way. The effort to make denim more sustainable is growing, thanks to these forward-thinking brands.

Best Sustainable Portable Cleaner

Bissell’s Little Green Portable Cleaner is a top pick for green cleaning. It’s made from recycled plastics. This handheld steam cleaner can clean upholstery and carpets well, all without harsh chemicals20. This helps things last longer, cutting down unnecessary waste. The packaging is also eco-friendly, using recycled materials and skipping styrofoam20.

This cleaner is perfect for both small spots and big areas. It’s small and light, so you can clean anywhere easily. It’s great for those who want to keep a low waste home21.

The Bissell cleaner is kinder to our planet than many others. It’s part of a new wave of cleaning products that care about the environment. As more people want green options, products like this are in high demand202122.

eco-friendly cleaning tools

For spills on your couch or areas that get heavy use, the Bissell Portable Cleaner is your friend. It’s a sustainable choice that doesn’t skimp on cleaning power2021.

Best Preserves Water Resources

The Love Beauty and Planet 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar is great for the environment. It saves a lot of water, unlike regular shampoos and conditioners. This means using it helps keep our water safe23.

It works well for hair too, giving thin hair more volume. Because it uses less water, it’s also better for our planet when being shipped around23. So, you can care for your hair and Earth at the same time.

This bar isn’t just good for water. It’s packed in a way that creates less trash than other products. Plus, it’s made with things that don’t harm animals or our world24. This shows the brand really cares about the Earth.

Are you looking to save water and reduce waste? Then, the Love Beauty and Planet 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar is perfect for you. It helps decrease your environmental impact. Also, it’s a great choice for keeping our water resources safe232425.

Best Sustainable Skin Treatment

Aveeno’s bath treatments are a top-notch choice for sustainable skincare. These use 100% pure colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin conditions such as eczema26. The brand not only focuses on the product but also on how it’s made. They use responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes that cut down on greenhouse gases and waste27.

Lovett Sundries offers a Rosewater Face Cream and Toner at great prices. The face cream is now $30.00, and the toner is $18.0026. Activist Skincare also has sustainable products that are highly rated. Their Precious Oils Serum and Calming Force Serum start at $57.00 each26.

UpCircle Beauty’s Face Moisturizer with Argan Powder is another good option, priced at $28.0026. These products are good for the skin and the environment. If you want to make a green choice, these are worth looking into28.

Some brands go even further with sustainability. Activist Skincare’s refillable products are a big step in cutting down CO2 and waste. They do way better than traditional recycled glass27. 100% Pure is also making big changes. They plan to use less petrochemical-based packaging and more PCR materials by 202427.

The world of sustainable skincare is growing fast. More and more brands are striving to be eco-friendly. By picking sustainable options, you’re not only caring for your skin but the planet too28.

Best Reusable Food Wraps

Tired of buying single-use plastic wrap again and again? Beeswax food wraps are a great alternative. They are eco-friendly, versatile, and last a long time. Made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, they are safe for your kitchen29.

These wraps, like the ones from Bee’s Wrap, can cover bowls or wrap sandwiches. They keep your food fresh and prevent spoilage. At $10 to $18, these wraps save you money and help the planet29.

Bee’s Wrap is the top pick for many due to its versatility, ease of use, and stickiness29. LilyBee Wrap and Abeego are also great choices, praised for their design and durability30.

Beeswax wraps reduce plastic use and benefit the planet. Wash them with cold water and mild soap to reuse. They work well for many food storage needs, cutting down on plastic waste29.

The Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Multi-Pack is a convenient option. These bags are safe for the freezer and oven, and easy to clean. A pack of four costs $50 and offers different sizes for your needs31.

By using beeswax wraps and silicone bags, you make your kitchen greener. You reduce waste and have durable options for storing food. These choices are good for the environment and your budget293031.


The products we talked about are eco-friendly and easy to get, showing how more and more people are choosing green options for their homes32. These include things like reusable storage, refills for personal care, and eco-friendly cleaners33. They cut down on plastic use, save nature, and help lower greenhouse gases33. By using these, you’re taking big steps towards protecting the environment in your daily life.

More people now want to live in an eco-friendly way and use sustainable home products and clean methods32. But, many don’t really know how much good these choices do34. This article wants to teach and motivate you to go for the green options34.

Growing interest and new ideas in the eco-friendly market mean there are lots of choices to help the planet32. By picking these, you’re helping build a brighter future for us and the ones who come after us3433.

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