Top 10 Apps for Staying Organized and Productive

Apps for Staying Organized

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Technology has changed how we do things, making us more organized and productive. There are tons of apps to help with this. Let’s look at the top 10 that make us better at both.

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Rutgers University’s research shows most people struggle to remember passwords. 80% find it hard to remember them. That’s why apps like 1Password are so useful. They keep your passwords safe and easy to access.

92% like using cloud storage solutions for its easy file saving and sharing. Dropbox is a favorite for many, known for its reliable service.

70% want to keep their contacts organized. Many choose apps like Cloze to help manage their business contacts better.

Being able to check your lists from different devices is very helpful. Apps like and Todoist do this well, keeping your tasks up to date everywhere.

Apps that do many things at once are becoming more popular. Evernote, for instance, is great for storing different types of content in one place.

Task tracking apps are a big hit, like Toggl. They help both individuals and teams track how they spend time on tasks and projects.

All these apps share a goal – making us more productive. They provide tools to improve our work and personal life organization.

In this article, we’ll go over the top 10 apps for productivity. They cover everything from keeping track of tasks and appointments to noting down ideas, tracking habits, and more. We’ll discuss each app’s features, price, and how it can boost your productivity.

We’ll mention apps like:

  • Todoist: A to-do list app
  • Google Calendar: A calendar app
  • An AI scheduling assistant
  • Microsoft OneNote: A note-taking app
  • Freedom: A focus app
  • Streaks/HabitNow: A habit tracker app
  • Pocket: A read-it-later app
  • Loom: A screen recording app
  • 1Password: A password management app

We’ll share the prices for each app, including what’s free and the cost for more features. The key is to pick an app that fits you best, considering what you prefer and find easy to use.

All recommendations are backed by experts who’ve tested these productivity tools. Plus, we’ll show how you can use Zapier to connect these apps for even better results.

We’ll also talk about why AI scheduling assistants are great. They help you keep up your habits and schedules. We’ll look at’s prices, which offers both a free and paid plan with more features.

Creating your own productivity system is important. This article offers insights to help you set up and manage your tasks better.

How to Choose the Perfect Productivity App

Choosing a productivity app can seem tough with so many out there. It’s key to pick one that fits your needs and goals. Whether you need a task manager, note-taker, or calendar, do your homework before deciding.

Research and Compare

Start by looking at what’s out there with a big online search. See which ones work with your devices and systems. User reviews are also a great way to learn about an app’s performance. Compare apps based on what fits best for you.

Evaluate Key Features

Think about what features are a must for you. A task app might need to let you assign tasks, track deadlines, and work together. A note app should make organizing easy, sync with your other gadgets, and let you share notes. Knowing what you need helps cut down your choices.

Test Before Committing

Don’t rush into picking an app. Many let you try them free for a bit. Use this time to see if the app is easy to use and does what you need. Testing it lets you avoid any surprises later on.

Choosing the right app is all about what works for you. Lots of research, comparisons, and testing will lead you to an app that boosts your work.

Asana – Streamline Task Management

Asana stands out for those wanting to manage tasks and projects effectively. It’s an online and mobile platform that keeps you organized, meets deadlines, and promotes teamwork.

You can make tasks, give them to specific team members, and add deadlines in Asana. It also makes working together easy. You can talk about tasks, share files, and give feedback all in one place.

Asana is known for being easy to use. It’s simple to find and update your work. This makes things quicker and lets you concentrate on your tasks.

Besides managing tasks, Asana has many templates. You can find ones for project management, marketing, and onboarding new hires. These templates are great for launching projects fast and efficiently.

With its time tracker, Asana shows how long tasks take. This is great for keeping to deadlines and understanding how you use your time.

Another cool feature is the Workflow Builder. It helps you set up automatic tasks and custom flows. This makes everything run smoother and saves time.

Asana’s high regard in teamwork and project management is justified. Top industry groups like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC praise its features and performance.

Businesses using Asana have seen big boosts in how much they get done. Employees and customers are happier too. This shows how Asana really helps all types of businesses succeed.

Asana also shines in working with other tools. It connects with over 200 apps to make your work seamless. You can keep using your favorite tools and still enjoy Asana’s power.

For small businesses, project managers, or anyone wanting better teamwork, Asana is a great choice. It comes with templates, advanced task management, and project planning tools. Asana is all about making your work life easier and more successful.

Evernote – Capture and Share Notes

Evernote is a handy app for taking notes. It lets you easily write, edit, and share ideas with others. This app is great for making to-do lists or planning projects, keeping you organized and productive.

One cool thing about Evernote is making notebooks. You can make separate notebooks for stuff like receipts, lecture notes, or to-dos. This helps keep everything in order and easy to find.

Easily search for any notes you need on Evernote. You can look up keywords or even search for words in images or handwritten notes. This saves time by finding information fast.

Collaboration and Note Sharing

Evernote also helps working together with others. You can share notes and work with colleagues or friends on projects. It keeps everyone updated and working towards the same goals.

It’s great for business too. Evernote helps share meeting notes and lets teams work together on projects. This makes teamwork more efficient.

It’s a hit in schools as well. Students use Evernote to organize their notes and assignments. You can add text, images, audio, and more to your notes, making it a great learning tool.

Collaborate and Share Notes

Offline Access and Customization

Evernote lets you access notes offline too. This is perfect for working without the internet on any device. Stay organized and keep working, no matter where you are.

The Pro plan gives you great features. You get 20 GB of new uploads each month, along with unlimited devices. It also lets you connect to multiple Google Calendars for better scheduling.

Evernote takes privacy seriously with detailed policies. Your info is safe and secure. Even with some user-reported issues, Evernote keeps improving. It updates to make note-taking and work more efficient.

Key publications like The New York Times and PC Mag praise Evernote for its productivity features. It’s become a must-have for staying organized and productive, loved by many.

Google Calendar – Manage Your Schedule Effectively

Google Calendar is a helpful calendar app. It keeps you on track and manages your time well. It works smoothly on all your devices. This allows you to track events easily, set reminders, and connect multiple calendars.

It allows you to put time aside for focused work. You decide when you need quiet time for work. This helps you work better and achieve your goals faster without being distracted.

Do you find setting up appointments hard? Google Calendar makes it easier. You can pick times when others can book appointments with you. This makes finding a good time to meet much simpler.

Keeping your status updated when you’re away is key. Google Calendar makes sharing your status simple. Many people use this to let others know if they’re available or not. It helps colleagues and clients know when to reach out to you.

Google Calendar is great for balancing work and life. You can add both personal and work events. Data shows that users do a good job balancing these events on their calendars. This shows it’s good for managing everything in your life.

Plus, you can use Google Tasks inside Google Calendar. This lets you add tasks to your schedule easily. You can set deadlines, add subtasks, and sort tasks by importance. It’s a great way to manage your to-dos.

Adding tasks from Gmail or your calendar is easy. This shows how well Google’s tools work together. You can add tasks wherever you are, making it easier to keep up with your to-dos.

Some features are only for Google Workspace subscribers. You get extra perks like meeting scheduling and room booking. You can even add events from emails. Time Insights is also available, helping you understand how you use your time.

Workspace users can share their availability easily. This is helpful for scheduling with people outside your organization. It makes planning meetings simpler and smoother.

For better work habits, Google Calendar lets you share where your meetings are. You can also share your work routines daily. This can help make your day run smoother and bring your team closer together.

Data safety is a top priority for Google Calendar. It lets users move data easily, keeping it secure. Google’s strong security measures guard against online threats such as spam and malware.

Subscribers get even more features to help with scheduling. They can make unlimited booking pages and more. This is great for businesses wanting to offer a top-notch scheduling service.

Google Calendar isn’t just for individuals. It’s also for teams. They can share calendars, making it easy to see everyone’s events. This boosts teamwork and keeps everyone informed and united.

Google Calendar makes it easy to book shared resources for events. This includes meeting rooms and projectors. It simplifies the process of coordinating events, making everything run more smoothly.

With its many features, Google Calendar is a powerful scheduling tool. It helps you make the most of your time, keeping you organized and meeting all your important dates and times.

Trello – Simplify Project Management

Looking for an app that makes managing projects easy and improves teamwork? Trello is your go-to. Over 2,000,000 teams across the globe trust Trello for project management.

You have a choice of plans on Trello, from Free to Enterprise. The Standard plan goes for $5USD monthly per user if paid yearly. The Premium plan is available at $10USD monthly per user. For advanced features, you can pick the Enterprise plan at $17.50USD per user monthly or $210.00 per user yearly.

Trello stands out with its simple, easy-to-use design. It uses boards, lists, and cards to help you manage tasks and projects easily. You can add due dates, checklists, and comments to make work smoother. Plus, advanced features like timelines, calendars, and Butler Automation are there to help you manage projects better.

With Trello, you can see your tasks and deadlines on a Timeline or Calendar view. It also works well with other apps to keep your work in one place.

Join a community of over 50 million users managing their tasks and projects with Trello. You can customize your Trello experience to suit your needs with its boards, lists, and cards.

Trello works offline too. You can keep working on your tasks and projects even without internet. This keeps you productive on the move.

Users’ feedback is key at Trello. They are always improving based on what users need, like sorting by due date and setting custom reminders. Trello has loyal users that have trusted it for over 5 years.

Try out Trello’s project management tool for your team. Join the crowd that’s using Trello to better manage tasks, work together, and automate processes. Start today and see the difference Trello can make in how you handle projects.

Unroll.Me – Declutter Your Inbox

Email overload is a big issue for many people. It can make you feel stressed and unproductive. But, there’s a solution: Unroll.Me. It’s an app that helps you clean up your inbox and take control of your email life.

Unroll.Me makes organizing your inbox easy. It works with popular email services like Gmail and Yahoo!. This means you can enjoy its benefits no matter what email platform you use.

How does Unroll.Me work exactly? It shows you all your subscription emails in one place. You can choose to unsubscribe, keep receiving, or combine these emails into a single daily email. This makes dealing with subscriptions quick and easy.

Searching for specific emails is a snap with Unroll.Me too. Just type the name of the company you’re looking for. Unroll.Me will quickly find the emails you need.

Unroll.Me also sends you a daily email digest of new subscriptions. This keeps you updated without having to check your inbox throughout the day.

Got more than one email account? No problem for Unroll.Me. It lets you manage all your email subscriptions in one place, making life easier.

It just had a big update, Version 3.3.13. Now, you can manage multiple subscriptions with ease. This new feature is great for saving time and decluttering your inbox.

Unroll.Me is always getting better. With regular updates and improvements, it aims to be the best in email management.

Are you overwhelmed by all your emails? If so, you’re not alone. Apps like Unroll.Me help by making your inbox more manageable. They let you focus on the most important emails and reduce stress.

Some apps can even merge all your email accounts into one place. This saves time and makes sure you don’t miss any important messages. Plus, they can track your email habits, helping you become more efficient.

If you want the best in email management, consider an AI-powered assistant like Ultra. These assistants offer advanced features that can transform your email organization and communication.

Remember to keep your inbox clean with regular maintenance. Use tools like Unroll.Me to help, and don’t forget to archive old emails. Staying organized is key to staying productive.

If your inbox is out of control, try Unroll.Me. It could be just what you need to tidy up and enjoy a clutter-free inbox. Start using Unroll.Me today and take back your email peace of mind!

Unroll.Me - Declutter Your Inbox

Calendly – Simplify Scheduling

Calendly makes planning meetings and appointments easy. It is used by over 20 million people globally. This app makes scheduling simple for both personal and professional life.

With Calendly, you spend less time setting up meetings. You can see when others are free and pick the best time. This avoids the usual email back-and-forth.

Those using Calendly for sales meet more often. Businesses see 20% more sales meetings. And working with partners increases by 360% because of easier scheduling.

Calendly is also good for saving money. It offers a 169% return on investment. Businesses can reach 88% more customers a year. Using Calendly shaves off over 2,000 hours of scheduling work each year.

Calendly improves efficiency by almost 90%. It cuts costs by 87.5%. Mistakes in scheduling go down by 20%. This ensures no more missed appointments.

For salespeople, Calendly is a huge help. They schedule twice as many demos. Websites get 40% more chances for sales. It’s a big win for anyone in sales.

Calendly is all about getting things done easier and safer. It’s now certified for top security. This means your data is safe, giving peace of mind.

Integrating Calendly with Slack for Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Calendly works well with Slack to make life easier. Slack users get instant updates on Calendly events. This makes managing your time more straightforward.

The Calendly and Slack mix means you stay up-to-date easily. Get daily updates on your plans. Share your Calendly link without leaving Slack. It’s all about being efficient.

Any Calendly user, even those on the free plan, can use Calendly on Slack. It’s great for teams. It lets everyone work together better.

With Calendly and Slack together, scheduling is much faster. You save time by not having to message back and forth. It’s about making work smoother and quicker.

Sharing your Calendly links in Slack is simple to do. It keeps your scheduling in one place. This makes everything flow better in your daily work life.

RescueTime – Track and Optimize Your Time

In the world we live in, managing our time well is key to success. With many things trying to grab your attention, it’s vital to know where your time goes. RescueTime is a fantastic app for keeping track of how you spend your time.

This tool shows you how much time you spend on various sites and apps. It lets you see your work habits and how productive you are. This way, you can figure out how to get better results from your time.

With RescueTime, you can see where you spend time online. You can also track your trends over days and weeks. Plus, you can set goals to help you stay focused. This approach helps with time management by giving you a deeper look into your daily routine.

RescueTime shines in finding what steals your focus. It spots the sites and apps that might waste your time. Once you know what’s distracting you, you can take steps to avoid those interruptions. This helps create a better space for concentrating.

It also has tools such as alerts and focus mode to aid in staying on course. Alerts warn you if you spend too long on a site, helping you stay disciplined. The focus mode lets you block out distractions when you need to work without being interrupted.

If you’re a student, worker, or someone who works for themself, RescueTime is a must. It sheds light on your work patterns and cuts out distractions. This enables you to use your time well and achieve more every day.

Optimize Your Productivity with RescueTime

  • Track and analyze your time spent on websites and apps.
  • Identify potential distractions and take proactive measures to minimize them.
  • Set productivity goals and monitor your progress.
  • Receive alerts and use focus mode to stay on task.

Getting a grip on your time and boosting your productivity is easy with RescueTime. It’s time to start using this amazing time tracking app. Discover your highest productivity levels yet.

LastPass – Securely Manage Your Passwords

In today’s world, keeping our online accounts safe is more important than ever. LastPass is a top app for managing your passwords. It lets you keep them safe, which means less worry for you.

LastPass is among the best password managers in the cloud. It’s up there with 1Password, Nordpass, and Dashlane. Millions of people use it worldwide because it’s known for being both secure and easy to use.

LastPass can create strong, one-of-a-kind passwords for every account you have. It mixes up numbers, letters, and symbols in a way that would take forever to guess. All these super secure passwords are kept in your own encrypted vault in LastPass. So, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing them.

LastPass also makes logging into your accounts super easy. It can fill in your usernames and passwords for you. This feature saves time and stops you from needing to remember so many different logins.

You can even share passwords safely with LastPass. This feature comes in handy for teamwork or shared accounts. LastPass keeps everything safe, even as you work together.

Keeping your info safe is LastPass’s main job. It uses top-level encryption and security measures. It also supports multi-factor authentication. With this extra step, your accounts are even more protected.

Protect Your Accounts with LastPass

For your accounts to be really safe, your passwords must be strong and different for each account. Bad passwords are what hackers love, and using the same password for everything is risky.

LastPass makes it easy to handle all your passwords. It acts as a central place to keep them. This makes it simple to find and replace any weak passwords with strong ones.

Changing your passwords regularly is key to keeping your accounts safe. LastPass helps out by telling you when it’s time to change them. It even suggests new strong passwords for you.

With LastPass, you’re in charge of keeping your online life safe. Its many features and easy-to-use design make it a great tool for everyone serious about online security.


The top 10 productivity apps mentioned here give you tools to stay on top of things. Apps like Asana, Evernote, and Trello are great for staying organized. They help you manage your time, complete tasks, and work with others easily.

Taking time to explore various apps helps you pick the right ones for you. This is true for both personal life and work projects. With these amazing apps, you can keep focused and reach your goals.

Boost your productivity today with these apps. Keep everything in order, focus well, and be productive with their aid.

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