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Movie Review: <i>The Maze Runner</i>

Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Matt Thomas September 18, 2014 0

With any review, the emphasis is on the words, not the score at the end. And so, with this review, I suggest you ignore the score entirely. A 3½ out of 5 might seem low

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Episode Review: <i>New Girl</i> – “The Last Wedding”

Episode Review: New Girl – “The Last Wedding”

Spenser Milo September 16, 2014 0

New Girl – “The Last Wedding” (season 4, episode 1) Whenever I recommend New Girl to friends, I always tell them to start at the series’ third episode, “Wedding,” and then continue at “The

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Album Review: Interpol – <i>El Pintor</i>

Album Review: Interpol – El Pintor

Luke Thornton September 16, 2014 0

To me, there are two kinds of sound Interpol are exceptional at. The reverb/echo of Turn on the Bright Lights that you would hear in city streets late at night, and the atmospheric rock

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Episode Review: <i>Teen Wolf</i> – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Episode Review: Teen Wolf – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Jim Testa September 9, 2014 0

Teen Wolf - “Smoke And Mirrors”(season 4, episode 12) In the words of the great philosopher John Lydon, “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” After a terrific season of mystery, suspense,  Grand Guignol

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Episode Review: <i>The Leftovers</i> – “The Prodigal Son Returns”

Episode Review: The Leftovers – “The Prodigal Son Returns”

Spenser Milo September 8, 2014 0

The Leftovers – “The Prodigal Son Returns” (season 1, episode 10) Over the weekend, I thought about how excited I was for The Leftovers finale. Since the pilot, I’ve been hooked, like many other

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Episode Review: <i>Teen Wolf</i> – “A Promise to the Dead”

Episode Review: Teen Wolf – “A Promise to the Dead”

Jim Testa September 2, 2014 0

Teen Wolf - “A Promise To The Dead” (season 4, episode 11) When did Teen Wolf turn into 24?  Here we are at the end of the season; the terrorist has been killed, the

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<i>True Blood</i>  died like it lived, wasting everyone’s time

True Blood  died like it lived, wasting everyone’s time

Jacob Harrington August 29, 2014 0

Watching True Blood really used to be so much fun. In the olden days I did not have HBO and I would go to my friend’s house to watch it with him and usually

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Episode Review: <i>Masters of Sex</i> – “Asterion”

Episode Review: Masters of Sex – “Asterion”

Jacob Harrington August 27, 2014 0

Masters of Sex – “Asterion” (season 2, episode 7) Coming at a point in the season where for the first time, I actually found myself a little frustrated with the trajectory of some of the

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Album Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars – <i>Lose</i>

Album Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lose

Jim Testa August 26, 2014 0

When Joseph D’Agostino was growing up in a blue-collar suburb of New Jersey, he wasn’t blessed with easy access to Asbury Park, New Brunswick, or Hoboken.  Those were places he dreamed about as he

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Album Review: Gemma Ray – <i>Milk For Your Motors</i>

Album Review: Gemma Ray – Milk For Your Motors

Spenser Milo August 26, 2014 0

For her fifth album, Gemma Ray uses all of the genres in her packed arsenal of music. Possibly because she realized that after five albums, there’s no need to remain the same or be

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