Episode Review: Louie – “Pamela Part 2″/”Pamela Part 3″

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Episode Review: <i>Louie</i> – “Pamela Part 2″/”Pamela Part 3″

Louie – “Pamela Part 2″/”Pamela Part 3″ (season 4, episodes 13 & 14)

In storytelling courses and books, they teach you that the ending of any good story should be the conceit, the final message that the creator wants the audience to walk away with. Any movie, TV show, or book will have a message that puts everything that happened before it into perspective and therefore a complete work of art. Louie season four seems to lack that kind of message or moral in its storytelling. Week after week we were shown parts of a sprawling, entertaining, and often frustrating story that broke ground of what Louie was capable of pulling off and yet, now that the finale has finished, it doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily over. Hell, it seems like it just began again.

That’s where the old adage comes in about the journey being more important than the destination. This fourth season of Louie definitely looks better in that light. Going through Elevator journeys and learning about models and fat women, it looks much better than if it all was intended so Pamela could treat Louis horribly to get him out of his comfort zone. There is a link between all of these episodes, however, and it’s what Pamela tells Louis near the finale’s end: “You can’t just make people do things.” All throughout this season, Louis has been projecting what and who he wants into people who interact with him. Vanessa — from the standout third episode of the season, “So Did the Fat Lady” — nails this point home in her now famous and viral monologue. Even before that was Yvonne Strahovski’s character being a model and therefore someone Louis never expected to interact with, and yet he does. The underlining thread of putting expectations within other people is apparent in Louie‘s fourteen episodes, but I’m not sure it works as a whole.

That isn’t to say that “Pamela Part 2″ and “Pamela Part 3″ are worthless episodes, no way. The scenes of them going on a lovely date to the museum, then to the park are classic Louie. As are the scenes at the comedy club and after so with Marc Maron. Louis C.K. tried something different with his show’s fourth season and it might not have been as impactful as his last three, but fuck if it wasn’t a great attempt in creating memorable plots and characters.



  1. Sarah June 17, 2014 at 12:49 AM - Reply

    Stray Observation: Pamela Adlon’s cackle-laugh is the greatest thing ever.

  2. mathieu June 21, 2014 at 7:21 AM - Reply

    you are the most incomprehensive critic i’ve seen about these episodes… the very fact that you don’t see the point where louis CK wants to go shows you didn’t try to understand these episodes for what they were but simply judged them against your criteria of what is supposed to be a good comedy show…

    Haven’t you laughed so hard at all the museum jokes you hardly mention ?
    And the way the conversations go ?
    He doesn’t care about narrative on a long run because what’s artistic is in the moment.

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