Episode Review: Teen Wolf – “De-Void”

Jim Testa March 12, 2014 2
Episode Review: Teen Wolf – “De-Void”

Teen Wolf – “De-Void” (series 3, episode 22)

Teen Wolf can be exciting, sexy, frightening, gory, and sometimes even a little funny, but tonight’s episode excelled in suspense.  As Noshiko Yukimura’s nogitsune wreaks strife, turmoil, revenge and violence on everyone around it, all the major players get caught up in the action tonight (even those who have been missing in action for a few weeks, like Isaac and Lydia.)  We even learn tonight that’s there some deep, dark secret behind the divorce of Scott’s parents, although the details remain to be revealed.

And, oh yeah, Peter’s back, and in a big way.  You might remember that it looked (from last season’s finale) that Peter Hale would be the main villain  this season. Then all that Japanese mythology entered the story, and we’ve been dealing with Stiles’ possession by a Japanese demon called a nogitsune.  Tonight that story is resolved (or is it?) But there are a few episodes left this season, and Peter looks to loom large in the finale.

The episode picks up from last week’s cliffhanger, as Derek, Argent, Allison, and Sheriff Stilinski show up together at Derek’s loft to confront the “void” Stiles.    The sheriff tells him that if his son is still inside, he’ll surrender, and indeed Stiles lets the sheriff handcuff him. But it’s just another nogitsune trick. He smashes the handcuffs, disables Allison’s taser,  and tosses Derek across the room like a ragdoll. He only stops when Argent aims a gun at his head.  The sheriff pulls his gun on Argent and there’s a Mexican standoff, as tension builds in the room. Allison realizes that the nogistune is feeding on the strife, but suddenly Kira shows up with the katana and slices Stiles across the stomach.  His body collapses to the floor and flies pour out of his body.  (More flies. Yuck.)

The flies infect Derek, Aidan, Ethan, and Isaac;  all become consumed with revenge.  Derek goes after Argent to avenge the killing of his family by Argent’s sister, while Aidan, Ethan, and Isaac wind up trying to kill each other at the high school while Allison and Kira watch.

Lydia and Stiles in trouble (MTV)

Lydia and Stiles in trouble (MTV)

Back at Derek’s loft,  Stiles has been subdued but everyone knows it won’t last long. Dr. Deaton shows up and gives Stiles a potion that temporarily paralyzes him (more of the wolf lichen, no doubt.)  But they have no idea what to do next, so Scott offers to call Derek.  Lydia has a better idea:  They call Peter Hale.

Hale arrives and it becomes apparent that he’s made some kind of deal with Lydia to help Stiles.  Hale proposes that Scott uses his Alpha wolf telepathic ability to connect his, Lydia’s and Stiles’ mind, and try to lead Stiles out of the nogistune’s grasp.  When Scott and Lydia go into the trance, they’re at first shackled to beds at Eichen House – the old “five point restraint system.”  Lydia reminds Scott that even though they’re inside Stiles’ mind, he’s still a werewolf and has super strength.  And sure enough, Scott manages to tear free and release Lydia.

Lydia finds herself alone in the school, stuck inside some hellish prom, with the nogistune bearing down on her.  In the real world, her nose starts bleeding, so Peter roars into her face to make her focus.  It works, and Lydia and Scott  find themselves in the same white room that Allison, Stiles, and Scott landed in when they “crossed over” last season to free their parents from the Nematon.  And sure enough, the Nematon – that gnarly tree trunk – is there too.  Stiles and the bandaged nogistune are playing Chinese Checkers on it.

At first, no matter how fast they run, Lydia and Scott can’t get any closer to Stiles.  Then Lydia has an idea; even though Stiles is human, he’s still a member of  Scott’s pack. And how does a wolf call his pack?  “He howls,”Scott says; then he  wolfs up and roars, and Stiles hears him.  He upsets the checker board and walks away from the nogitsune.

The roar breaks the nogistune’s spell and we see Aidan, Ethan, Issac, and Derek all collapse.  Stiles starts to gag, and then something horrible comes out of his mouth.  He keeps pulling it and it keeps spilling out, at first looking like a tapeworm. But then we realize that it’s the nogistune’s bandages.  Finally when there’s a huge pile of bandages on the floor, a hand reaches up through them. Then a torso, wrapped in more bandages and wearing the G.I. uniform of the solider who originally was transformed into the demon.  Scott pulls the bandages away and Stiles is inside.

Peter pulls Lydia away and tell her it’s time to pay up. A deal’s a deal, even with an evil bastard like him. Lydia whispers a name in his ear: “Malia.”   That’s Peter’s illegitimate daughter, the girl who transformed back from a were-coyote into a human in this season’s first episode, the girl Peter has been looking for.

And in a flash, the second Stiles, Lydia, and Hale are gone. Vanished.  Scott cries Lydia’s name and rushes out the door, but all three are gone.

So is the nogitsune really dead?  Who or what is that second Stiles and what’s it going to do?  And why did Peter take Lydia to look for Malia? And what will he do when he finds her?

To be continued…


  1. Kim March 12, 2014 at 1:06 PM - Reply

    I just wanted to say that it’s actually Void!Stiles who cuts up his own stomach at the Eichen House, using Mrs. Yukimura’s tail representing knife, in order to create chaos.

    Also the venom Stiles is force fed is from the kanima from season 2, which makes them paralyzed from the neck down (whereas the letharia vulpina seems to paralyze every body part)


    • Kartik March 21, 2014 at 7:25 AM - Reply

      Great blog and photos! I just rentcely went to his concert in Toronto and was sitting 5th row center from the stage! Was so awesome! Tried getting good videos and photos and it was a bit difficult with our phones (one was a Samsung Galaxy and the other Blackberry Bold 9900.) In the end my Canon point and shoot did end up getting some good footage and photos. I was just really in awe of how well he sang and with so much heart! He sounds better on stage than on his records I must say! I loved singing along to his older tunes.Anyway just wanted to say thanks to your blog I knew what to expect before going to the concert. Cheers!

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