7 Films to Finish the Semester

Shannon Horte December 10, 2012 0
7 Films to Finish the Semester

Just like our list of 7 albums to make it through finals, here is a list of 7 films that will help you cope with the end of the semester. Be it finals, papers, graduating, or packing up your dorm and getting the hell out of there.

7 : The Shawshank Redemption

Come this time of the semester, you and Andy Defrense are probably very similar people. Besides the fact that, you know, you probably weren’t framed for the murder of your wife. Regardless, you’re both feeling locked up and contained by powers that are stronger than yourself. Andy’s journey is a valiant one, as I’m sure your journey through finals is as well. The meaning that The Shawshank Redemption should really convey to viewers is that no matter what has you feeling trapped, there’s always an escape. The semester gets tough, and sometimes you need time to yourself. Luckily, the movie’s run time is 142 minutes. It guarantees you at least two and a half hours of personal time spent avoiding that twelve page final paper that’s due. Besides, just like Andy, you probably didn’t do it, right?

6: Mean Girls

A high school movie, yes, but don’t act like you’re above Mean Girls. You know that the movie shows an accuracy of classmates that has yet to be matched. Maybe you had a semester full of trying to fit in with a certain group of people, or maybe you had a semester where someone said you had a big lesbian crush on someone else. Point is, Mean Girls will make you laugh about high school and will remind you that you are now far from that. (Note: We are sorry if you are a high school student reading this. Please feel free to hate us.)

5: The Social Network

Obviously it’s a movie about the creation of Facebook, but The Social Network is also about slacking off, leaving Harvard, and still getting somewhere. The movie serves as a nice reminder that if things get inspiring, you can just leave the most prestigious university in the country to go for your dream. The movie also serves the purpose of the possibility of Justin Timberlake being your friend.

4: Accepted

Maybe you’re like I am and you’re so stressed about final grades, passing math classes, keeping up with the overwhelming, that you feel you would do anything to just get through it all. At least we’re not so stressed out about college that we build an entire fake college, with a fake website, fake (well, sort of) students, and a fake campus. But we can all relate to that sort of pressure. At the very least, the movie reminds us that college is about finding yourself and enjoying every minute of it. Remember that standards of education are to be upheld, but take classes you want to take, and always have fun with your friends.

3: Good Will Hunting

Like The Social Network, we all need a movie that demonstrates an option of not putting up with education and still making a pretty decent life out of it. A complete Oscar-winning classic, Good Will Hunting gives us so many great scenes on modern pretentious living that really puts us in our place when it comes to how much we think we’re really learning in a classroom full of idiots. Also, Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck. Need I say more?

2: Dead Man on Campus

The premise of the movie is two friends try to get a roommate of theirs to kill himself so the entire class would pass the semester. Is it goofy? Yes. Is it dated? Yes. Is it ridiculous and fun? Sort of. Dead Man on Campus gives students a sick option for when things start to get tough during the semester. Please do not try this at home, kids.

1: Dead Poet’s Society

Alright fellow English majors, try to tell me you’re not with me on this one. Okay, so maybe this movie isn’t the best if you have math or science work to get done, but it should do the trick if you have any sort of creative writing to get done. You’ll be screaming sweet poetic words, standing on desks, and shouting “O Captain, my Captain!” as loudly as possible.

So remember, carpe diem (but get your work done first)!

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