Episode Review: The Walking Dead – “When the Dead Come Knocking”

CeliaGabelVargas November 26, 2012 2
Episode Review: The Walking Dead –  “When the Dead Come Knocking”

The Walking Dead – “When the Dead Come Knocking” (season 3, episode 7)

From now on I’m telecommuting everywhere, I swear.

One episode away from the midseason finale, and this transition was actually really good. It had so much going on but at the same time it was all about moving from point A to point B.

In the beginning of the season I thought the female characters were going to take the lead, and I’ve been pretty much disappointed, not totally (Maggie redeems it), but pretty disappointed (I’m looking at you Michonne and Andrea). Anyways, Michonne shows up wounded at the prison and is rescued by Rick and Carl, but she somehow manages to be just as quiet as ever. Lady, you’ve just been rescued and when someone only wants your name, you should at least give it, but nope Michonne glares. It was so frustrating to watch Michonne interact with Rick, even when she is trying to help it feels too guarded. The only role I see Michonne as is a plot device, I’ve yet to see her character. Although it almost happened, when she backed away from Rick and told him not to touch her, but that’s not enough. But she did her job that is to let Rick and the others know what happened to Maggie and Glenn, yet she somehow forgets to mention who took them (Merle has one hand and a name, come on!), yeah really nice, Michonne, great help.

Then there is Andrea; this episode wasn’t so bad for her. I mean the Milton/Coleman experiment was interesting to watch, and it was sad to see Milton’s denial, but kind of awesome to finally be on the same level with Andrea. Andrea knows there is only a monster that resurfaces after people die; whatever made them who they were is completely gone. Still, icky Governor-Andrea kissing and such, I still don’t buy it, and never will.

Now, the good bits: Rick has totally evolved out of “dark Rick mode” (yeah, I’m calling it that), and even though it was too quick it’s good for everybody. He mobilizes the troops and wants his people back. Also, he finally has “that” talk with Carl, you know, the one about having to shoot your mom, yeah took him long enough, but it was right. Rick respects Carl, after all Carl is still his son and a kid, but there is a mutual respect between the two and the writers handle this very well. But did they have to change little Asskicker’s name, I mean Judith Grimes is okay, I guess. Still let’s not forget she was little Asskicker for some time there. Either way Rick calls on Daryl and Oscar (the new T-Dawg), with Michonne leading the way to find their missing peeps. On their way though they totally get ambushed by walkers and end up having to hide out in a cabin owned by a guy who apparently thinks he can call the cops. Seriously? I can buy the prisoners maybe not knowing what happened in the last couple of months, but some dude in a cabin in the woods surrounded by walkers? Nope, forget that. Anyways Michonne kills the guy they throw his corpse to the walkers and continue on to the prison where Glenn and Maggie are put through hell, and it’s great.

Sometimes the best way to get people to keep watching anything is to put their favorite characters through the worst experiences. Glenn and Maggie have become fan favorites recently and seeing them be tortured and hurt triggers crazy feelings, but it was so good. Merle beating Glenn up is hard to watch. However, it’s even harder to watch Merle throw a walker into the room with a tied up Glenn, who kicks walker butt even though he is duct-taped to a chair! Now, Maggie, oh man, where do I begin? First, kudos to Lauren Cohan, the actress, she did such an amazing job for a scene that’s disturbing to watch. I think any scene involving a rape is automatically controversial, but if executed correctly it makes for very good dramatic television, and director Dan Sackheim accomplished that. Maggie has proven she is strong and can survive, but the fact that she was made to strip and almost raped remind us that there are always stronger people out there who can do terrible things to you.

Next episode will be big. I’m sure the Dixon brothers meeting up will definitely be awesome somehow, and judging from the preview there is going to be many bullets flying. Let me know your thoughts about this and let’s brace ourselves for the midseason finale!

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  1. Speed November 26, 2012 at 2:45 PM - Reply

    So spot on.

    But Maggie has subtly been kinda awful this season. She basically begged Hershel to die even though he was pretty much fine, totally sliced up Lori without even really trying to figure another way out of that situation, and then let Carl shoot her even after hearing Lori’s literal dying wish to keep her son and Rick from having to do that. And then she goes and gives up the prison while Glenn was totally prepared to die to keep the group safe.

    She’s been trippin’ left and right season 3.

    • CeliaGabelVargas November 26, 2012 at 7:48 PM - Reply

      Haha, thanks!
      And to be honest Maggie is not as bad as Andrea in my opinion. She’s just grown up a lot in the last couple of months and if Hershel had to go he had to go, but he didn’t so it’s cool. Also, they had to get the baby out of Lori somehow and they couldn’t go back out in the walker infested halls and try to outrun the whole thing, and then wait until Carol showed up days later, she improvised. And she was almost raped! I mean if the guy I loved was about to be killed I probs would have to give up the info too, they pushed Glenn and Maggie to breaking points and it sucks that she was the one to break but I mean come on, cut her some slack. Now Andrea, she is slowly but surely becoming the new Lori in my eyes.

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