Musicians on Pop Culture: Sam Martin (Youngblood Hawke)

Spenser Milo November 9, 2012 0
Musicians on Pop Culture: Sam Martin (Youngblood Hawke)

It’s no doubt that Youngblood Hawke will be one of the most watched bands of next year but vocalist Sam Martin was incredibly generous to answer some questions for us for Musicians on Pop Culture.

Based on Nothing: What are you currently reading or watching?

Sam Martin: Watching Little Rascals, Sympathy for the Devil, Radio Flyer and National Geographic’s Snow Tigers. Reading a book of short stories, weird magazines about space.

BoN: Would you recommend it?

SM: Oh, yeah. Little Rascals is a classic, Sympathy for the Devil is mind blowing, watching these guys write songs in front of you. Snow tigers, they’ll rip your face off before you even see them coming. Space is gigantic! Oh my god!

BoN: Is there anything else you’re reading or watching that you’d like to talk about?

SM: Just watched Lord of the Flies from the 60’s. CREEPY!

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