Top 10 Halloween Themed Episodes

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Top 10 Halloween Themed Episodes

With Halloween approaching us, it feels nice to look back at our favorite fictional characters’ ways of celebrating the day. Whether it was being chased by zombies, being disappointed in life, or just having a good old time, it was still Halloween. Here are our Top 10 Halloween Themed Episodes in no real order.

10. Friends – “The One with the Halloween Party”

Starting off with a classic, Friends was always great in creating holiday-themed episodes but “The One with the Halloween Party” is exponentially one of the bests. The show began to run out of steam a little bit before this episode premiered and “Halloween Party” rejuvenated the series in probable laughs and fun. Ross is Spudnick, Chandler is a bunny, and Joey is Chandler.

9: Freaks and Geeks – “Tricks and Treats”

If there’s one thing that “Tricks and Treats” performs well at, it’s with setting up a better vision of Halloween night than what you expected. Sam Weir and his friends get all dressed up for misery while Lindsay Weir doesn’t dress up and vandalizes the whole town with her new friends. It, like most Freaks and Geeks episodes, is way too realistic for its own good but it makes for a good watch when you realize Halloween isn’t as cool as it used to be.

8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Halloween”

Season one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is torture. But once you manage season one and you get on to season two, things get better, and the better comes relatively soon and in the form of a Halloween-themed episode titled “Halloween.” When the major players are magically transformed into their respective costumes, of course hilarity ensues but also great character development. Joss Whedon has a thing for role reversals and even more exciting he knows how to handle the reversals. “Halloween” isn’t simply a parody of the holiday; it’s a fun episode full of laughs and action.

7: Parks and Recreation – “Greg Pikitis”

The season two episode “Greg Pikitis” took Parks and Recreation and made it what it is today: A bundle of joy, fun, laughs, and the occasional sadness. For the first time we see Leslie Knope at her extreme/almost childish when she claims her nemesis is a teenage boy named Greg Pikitis. She gets the aid of Andy and her boyfriend Dave (played by Louis C.K.) to help her track down Pikitis and his annual Halloween pranks.

6: Mad Men – “The Gypsy and the Hobo”

Alright, alright. So the episode doesn’t really take place on Halloween until the very end when Betty and Don take the kids trick or treating. But the fact that the last line of the episode is “And who are you supposed to be?” makes it all worth it given what was just revealed to Betty earlier.


5: The Simpsons – “Treehouse of Horror V”

Treehouse of Horror episodes have always been a staple in Simpsons history so it’s hard to just pinpoint one episode. “Treehouse of Horror V” is the best possible choice in showcasing what the series could do with a parody-Halloween special. By the time the episode aired, The Simpsons was at its prime in terms of writing. “Treehouse of Horror V” is mostly remembered for its segment titled “The Shinning.”

4: The Office – “Halloween”

Season two of The Office, arguably the best season of the show, was incredibly charming and affectionately funny. What “Halloween” does in terms of keeping all of those usual earlier Office feelings, it also gives a more serious plot point of Michael having to fire someone by the end of the day. Let’s not forget that it features Three Hole-Punch Jim and Pam as a cat. “Halloween” was one of the better days of The Office for sure.

3: Community – “Epidemiology”

Quite honestly, this episode changed it all in terms of expectations on what a holiday-themed episode could do. Zombies, ABBA, suspense, pop-culture references, and hilarity were all key notes that were pressed during “Epidemiology.” By the end of the episode it looks like the writers hit the reset button for the characters’ memories but cleverly enough, it continues on. Community‘s other two Halloween episodes were perfectly fine as well (the third season’s was a little too much Treehouse of Horror than original), but “Epidemiology” takes the cake. The only thing wrong with this episode? Not enough Britta.

 2: Happy Endings – “Spooky Endings”

Happy Endings was a good show until “Spooky Endings” premiered and made it a great must-watch show. “Spooky Endings” features great costumes, great jokes, and great stories. It truly feels like you attended a party with Penny and Max as a mom and her baby or that you’re stuck in the scary suburbs with Jane and Brad trying to find candy to save their lives. The jokes are plenty in this amazing Happy Endings episode.

1: Boy Meets World – “And Then There Was Shawn”

Ask anyone what their favorite Halloween-themed episode is and most likely they’ll come out with “That one Boy Meets World episode.” It’s an instant classic because it breaks the formula of the usual Boy Meets World episode. The stakes are high (people are dying!) and Jennifer Love-Hewitt guest stars. Some of the best jokes in Boy Meets World history are in this episode as well! The series has a lot of flaws as a whole but all can be forgotten whenever “And Then There Was Shawn” is on. It’s simply is a masterpiece.



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    Oh lets just totally forget about always sunny huh?

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    Nice well rounded group…still sad to not see one of the classic early “Home Improvement” Halloween episodes make the list…

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