When We Think Too Much: TV Shows in Parallel Universes

Spenser Milo August 16, 2012 0
When We Think Too Much: TV Shows in Parallel Universes

Somewhere out there in some sort-of universe there are versions of our television shows that aren’t happening in our universe. Think Big Bang Theory without the laugh track, Seinfeld without Kramer, or House being about the patients. In this column of When We Think Too Much we explore five “what if” scenarios of seeing a TV show we know and love from a completely different point of view. Enjoy.

Mad Men through Henry Francis’ story

It’s a story, about a man named Henry, who was busy being a political adviser in the 60’s. The first few seasons will be his rise to become a political adviser to Nelson Rockefeller. The show explores his life struggling trying to control another’s career. Around the end of two he’s told that he should look into settling down with a woman because it would look good to voters. Then, BAM! He meets Betty Draper, falls in love with her, and hates Don. We, the audience, will actually hate Don Draper every time he enters a scene, not vice versa! The rest of his show is about his interruption of a nuclear family in the 60’s. Winner of four Emmys, including Best Supporting Actress January Jones.


Lost being about The Others

Lost was known for its questions and most of the time they were (or weren’t) answered by The Others. So, if you think about it, their show would just be answering questions that the audience has no clue about until around episode ten of the first season, a plane crashes on their Island and all goes nuts. Winner of two Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Breaking Bad being about Hank and the hunt for elusive Heisenberg

Face it, some of the best parts of Breaking Bad are scenes between Hank and Walter so it only makes sense that a show about Hank searching for Heisenberg would be great. The audience wouldn’t even know who Heisenberg is! We would legitimately believe it was Gus, then Gale, then Gus again, then we have no idea! It’d be red herring after red herring and nobody would suspect the weird brother-in-law being the meth maker. Winner of no Emmys because nobody likes red herrings.

Friends through Gunther’s perspective

A coffee barista who observes the lives of people much more interesting and attractive than him. It’d be a tragic tale with some comedy spliced in, with some fans shipping for Gunther to be with Rachel and not that dweeb Ross. Winner of two Golden Globes for Best Actor.

The Sopranos being about the FBI trying to get a case on Tony Soprano

Unfortunately, this show wouldn’t be as good as The Sopranos. Remember that episode that was told from the FBI’s point of view “Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood” in season three? Even though that was a great episode, an audience can’t watch episodes like that for more than a season. Even after the FBI starts getting people flipped, the show would just drag and drag and drag and then cut to black for no reason. Winner of one Emmy for Best Supporting Actress Drea de Matteo for the episode “Parallel Parking”

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